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Cali Just Got A $10 Billion Federal Bailout & 2 Other Blue States Will Follow, Don’t Let The Dems Fool You!

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Don’t let the Democrat’s fool you states are already getting a “bailout” and they DO NOT need any more. No thanks to blue state governors deciding to extend their stay at home orders the US taxpayer is now floating unemployment benefits.

Not knowing how serious the coronavirus pandemic would be the Trump administration set up a program to help states deal with their unemployment claims when and if they run out of money. After all unemployment benefits have no money to draw from if nobody is working.

California has become the first state to borrow from the federal government so they can continue to afford unemployment benefits. Newsom has borrowed $348 million in taxpayer money and will be allowed to withdraw up to $10 billion through the end of July.

But that’s not all, we are now going to be on the hook for other liberal governors wishing to extend their stay at home orders, Market Watch reports:

The U.S. government has also approved loans of up to $12.6 billion for Illinois and up to $1.1 billion for Connecticut through the end of July to replenish state unemployment insurance funds, though the two states hadn’t yet started borrowing by the end of April. California was the only state to have accessed the program so far in the current downturn, the Treasury spokesman said.

Democrats are demanding that in the next relief package the federal government bailout state and local governments. But, the truth is we are already bailing them out by covering their unemployment benefits.

The governor of Illinois just extended his stay at home order until June 6th, while his wife sits lavishly at her mansion in South Florida, and the US taxpayer will float his state $12.6 billion. That’s more than what California is getting and they are a smaller state!

This must stop if liberal governors can’t afford unemployment to start opening up your economy.

It’s nice that the Trump administration put a program together to help states make sure Americans don’t starve but, NO MORE BAILOUTS!!

Market Watch

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