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FULL INTERVIEW: Watch ABC’s Nightly News interview with President Trump

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Tonight President Trump was on with ABC Nightly News host David Muir to discuss reopening the economy. You can watch the full interview below (it’s cued up to 2:03 where it begins):

The full interview goes until the 15 minute mark.

The one thing I’d like to highlight is that Muir asked Trump about something he said near the end of February, where he suggested that 15 people would get the virus and it’d be done. Muir was hinting at the Democrat complaint that Trump was downplaying the virus and didn’t take it seriously. Essentially Trump told Muir that he’s a cheerleader for this country and he doesn’t want to be doom and gloom all the time, but would rather give people hope. That’s the second question to the last if you want to skip ahead.

The reason I highlight it is to point out that much of the media was still saying the flu was worse all the way into early March, as Free Beacon shows in this video montage below:

I would have loved Trump’s answer to focus on this as well, because there were many downplaying the virus leading up to the time before a pandemic was declared and Trump spoke to the nation about the new protocols and policies the federal government was going to implement in response. I’m not saying the question is totally out of bounds, but context is important here and it’s easy to look back and play Monday morning quarterback. Of course, we all know it really isn’t about looking back as much it is establishing a narrative to attack Trump and defeat him in November. That’s really what’s behind this question as the left seeks to blame Trump for the virus and the subsequent deaths, while letting governors off the hook completely.

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