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Nancy Pelosi Throws Temper Tantrum, Says Trump “Caused Deaths” Before Saying No Deal On Payroll Tax

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Nancy Pelosi just threw a mini-temper tantrum on CNN and snapped and said Trump would get no deal on payroll tax relief.

Payroll taxes are obscenely high and a barrier to hiring so this is par for the course for Pelosi who it seems wants to hand over our economy to three monopolies and let the rest of us eat cake.

But she was just getting warmed up, during her little fit she said Trump “caused deaths” with his response to the outbreak.

Even for a low-rent politician like Pelosi, this is a disgrace.

Wolf Blitzer: “Well, let me play for you what the president said about all of your plans on Sunday. Listen to this.”

President Trump: “You know, they want bailouts for the states, the Democrats. And really, it’s a number of states that frankly have not been managed well by Democrats over a long period of time. So, we have to be very careful about that, very careful.

“But we will be doing infrastructure. And I told Steve, just today, we are not doing anything unless we get a payroll tax cut.”

Wolf Blitzer: “So, is a payroll tax cut okay from your point of view or is it a non-starter–”

Nancy Pelosi: “No, it is not. No, it is not.”

Blitzer: “– and, if it is a non-starter, Madam Speaker, why is a payroll tax cut a non-starter?”

Pelosi: “First of all, first of all, this is all to be related to the coronavirus. We have enormous, enormous costs, much of it incurred because the president was in denial early on, delayed a reaction to it, caused deaths.

“And so, now, we want to say: Okay, that was then. Alright, let’s start now and do things in a positive way. Nobody is putting any thing on the table saying: ‘Unless we have this, we are not doing that.’ He shouldn’t either.

“But apart from that, look at him saying these states want to be bailed out. The state they used as an example is Illinois, which got into fiscal problems because of a Republican governor, who was governor there until Governor Pritzker has come to pull it out.

“So, it, what is–we are talking about life and death. We’re talking about people dying. We’re talking about people risking their lives to save people’s lives. We’re not talking about red state, blue state. We’re talking about all of America.”

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