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NBC News Under Investigation By NY AG Over Sexual Assault Claims: Report

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People in glass houses should not throw stones and it seems like NBC News forgot those wise old words when they relentlessly attacked Trump over various unsubstantiated claims.

Now those chickens are coming home to roost as according to a new bombshell report the network is being probed over numerous claims of sexual assault and discrimination.

But it gets worse – included in the charges is one of a cover-up by the top brass at the network including one guy who was just fired, Andy Lack.

From The New York Post:

The New York attorney general has been investigating the damning claims about the network for at least six months, DailyMail.com said.

More than a dozen women have been interviewed by officials from a department dubbed “The Weinstein Unit” for its work nailing movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for rape, sources told the site.

Former NBC News anchor Linda Vester confirmed to the site that she is one of the women interviewed about alleged violations at the network.

As well as her accusations against legendary news anchor Tom Brokaw, Vester says investigators were particularly eager on information on Lack, the controversial chairman ousted in a surprise shakeup Monday.

“They wanted to know about Andy Lack and what I knew about his involvement in retaliation against me and by NBC News once I came forward with my story,” Vester told the site.

“They wanted to know as many details as I could offer about what Andy Lack’s involvement was in orchestrating a public response against me and a defense or cover-up. He was one of many.”

Former NBC producer Rich McHugh also confirmed the investigation during an appearance Monday night on Fox News.

“It was the New York Attorney General’s office civil division, so we’re not sure if it could lead into anything criminal, but I do know that they’ve been looking into this and interviewing employees over a number of months.”

The Attorney General’s office refused to comment, without denying the reports.

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