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Senator Ron Johnson Just Went There – He Will Request Biden, Obama Officials To Testify Over Unmasking

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What’s Happening:

A declassified report went public this week, showing Joe Biden and other top Obama officials requested the unmasking of Michael Flynn. This casts doubt on Biden’s previous remarks that he knew little of the investigation into Trump’s former National Security Advisor.

Now, Sen. Ron Johnson says he plans to request his testimony (and others) in the Senate.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) signaled Wednesday that he will request Obama administration officials, including former Vice President Joe Biden, to testify in the wake of revelations that they may have sought to “unmask” communications by retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Why It’s Important:

Much has been discussed about the origins of Michael Flynn’s investigation and charges. Recently revealed evidence sparked Attorney General Barr to drop charges, saying the FBI had no “material reason” to investigate Flynn.

That has raised questions about why the Obama administration both monitored Flynn’s calls and charged him with a crime. Up until recently, both Obama and Biden remained largely disconnected from the case.

But with recent revelations, it appears the former president and vice president were more involved than we thought.

Attention is growing on Joe Biden’s role in the Flynn investigation. Republicans in the Senate want to know how much Biden was connected to this case.

His name on the list of officials requesting Flynn’s unmasking suggests he was more informed than he’s claimed.

If so, it might have heavy implications on his presidential campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent released document reveals Joe Biden requested Flynn’s unmasking.
  • Johnson is considering questioning Biden before the Senate.
  • Biden’s role in the Flynn investigation is becoming increasingly important as the presidential race heats up.

Source: Breitbart

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