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SUPERCUT: Garbage media caught with egg on their faces calling FBI setup of Flynn a “conspiracy theory”

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Grabien has put together a SUPERCUT video that should honestly go viral. It shows the media time and time again calling the FBI setup of Michael Flynn a ‘conspiracy theory’ and accusing Trump and Fox News of pushing it:

This is the state of the media. They claim to be right. They claim to know the facts. And yet they were and are absolutely wrong about Michael Flynn.

And that last clip at the end of former WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying that the FBI broke protocol to ambush Flynn, with pompous CNN host Don Lemon saying it was wrong – good grief. She was absolutely write as was proven this week! AG Barr said it himself, that the FBI ignored White House protocol by refusing to let them know they wanted to interview Flynn: “They didn’t warn him, the way we usually would be required by the Department. They bypassed the Justice Department. They bypassed the protocols at the White House and so forth.”

Barr even added this: “Deputy Attorney General Yates, I’ve disagreed with her about a couple of things, but, you know, here she upheld the fine tradition of the Department of Justice. She said that the new administration has to be treated just like the Obama administration, and they should go and tell the White House about their findings. They and, you know, Director Comey ran around that.

The MSM in this country is complete and utter garbage. They don’t even give the administration the benefit of the doubt or a fair shake. They pronounced Trump and his people were wrong, that it was a stupid conspiracy theory, and it turns out Trump was right all along. Utter garbage.

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