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Nancy Pelosi’s Majority Could Shrink Even More – GOP Aims To Pick Up House Seat By Power Of Redistricting Nashville

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Nancy Pelosi is up a creek without a paddle. And things might be getting worse.

You’d think that with a majority in the House and Sleepy Joe in the White House, Pelosi would be sitting pretty.

Not quite. With such a slim majority, Nancy is poised to lose her Democratic majority as early as 2022.

And things aren’t in her favor. Americans are disgusted by Biden and the Democrats’ direction since early 2021. And polls suggest a big red wave is coming.

Now, it looks like it will be even harder for Pelosi to hold onto her lead. As Nashville gets redistricted.

From CNN:

With complete control of the state legislature, Tennessee Republicans could change the state’s House delegation from seven Republicans and two Democrats to eight Republicans and one Democrat based in Memphis.

Tennessee state leaders are looking to redistrict Nashville, which would deprive Democrats of at least one seat in the House.

The population of the area has only been growing since 2010. One county has grown by 70,000 people more than any other district in the state.

It stands to reason that the state legislature would redistrict to represent these changes.

Of course, Democrats are whining. They don’t like the idea that a Republican-controlled state would redraw the district lines, potentially preventing a Democrat from winning.

Wah, wah, babies. Do you know how often Democrats have tried to gerrymander districts in blue states? They do it all the time!

In fact, Obama and his ally Eric Holden formed a group in 2017 to redistrict as many districts in America as possible.

But suddenly one state wants to adapt to its growing population and its gerrymandering—because the state is conservative?

Give me a break.

What’s really going on is that Democrats are watching their power shrink nationwide. They know it’s only a matter of time before Republicans retake the House. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Are you going to be a part of taking the gavel out of Pelosi’s hands?

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans in Tennessee might redraw congressional districts, taking a seat from Democrats.
  • The reason for redistricting is the growing population, yet Democrats are complaining.
  • Democrats hold the House by a slim majority by just a few seats.

Source: CNN

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