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Biden Sent Spinning By Final Press Question – Joe Buries His Head After Peter Doocy Says “Trump Is No Longer President”

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Americans were horrified to learn that Biden’s failure in Afghanistan led to bloodshed.

The chaos in Kabul allowed terrorists to set off bombs. Many people died (including 13 U.S. servicemen) and many more were hurt.

But the country had to wait for hours before Joe Biden bothered to address the situation.

When he did, he gave a half-hearted speech about “hunting down” those responsible.

Not even the media seemed to believe him. And when Peter Doocy confronted the man, he crumbled in defeat.

From Daily Wire:

Biden attempted to pin responsibility for the chaotic situation in Afghanistan to former President Donald Trump, and when Doocy pushed back — pointing out that Trump was no longer the president — Biden closed his eyes and lowered his head.

After making a few remarks about the attack in Afghanistan, Biden took questions from the media.

I guess he couldn’t hold another presser where he runs away from reporters. He’s already done that far too many times.

Biden let slip that he was told by someone to only answer questions from a list of reporters. He went down the list, ending at Fox News’s Peter Doocy.

The Democrat did not a good any to Doocy’s question. Biden, as usual, blamed Trump for the problems in Afghanistan.

When Doocy pointed out the obvious, that Trump isn’t president right now, Biden lowered his head in defeat.

He didn’t answer much after that, only going on to blame Trump again and again. Eventually, he fled the press conference yet again.

It’s pretty shocking to see that Biden refuses to do what needs to be done. He claimed to “take responsibility” for the chaos ensuing in Kabul.

Yet he keeps saying it was all Trump’s fault. Um, Joe, you can’t claim to be taking responsibility for the crisis, then blame someone else for it.

Doocy made it pretty clear that it was not Trump standing behind that podium. Biden made the decision to pull our troops at the worst time. He left behind Americans, allies, and equipment.

And it was his fault the airport was mobbed, leading to a terrorist attack.

Yet he still can’t handle this job, crumbling when confronted with the facts. Biden’s gesture tells you all you need to know about this man’s ability.

And it ain’t great.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden appeared to crumble after being confronted over the Afghanistan attack.
  • He claimed to take responsibility but continued to blame Trump.
  • After a reporter pointed out Trump was president, Biden hung his head in shame.

Source: Daily Caller

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