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After Al Sharpton Tries To Give Border Speech – Protesters Get Loud And Drown Out His Border Photo-Op

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Never let it be said that soulless leftists don’t know how to exploit a crisis. Democrats didn’t really care about the 15,000+ Haitians living under a bridge in Texas. They would have been very happy regardless of these migrants’ fate.

That is, until, the MSM claimed they were being “whipped” by Border Patrol.

Al Sharpton, longtime social justice prop, went down to the border to protest this news (despite the fact it was fake). The opportunist called for an investigation, even though there was no crime. But his little photo op was interrupted in the best way.

From Daily Caller:

Protesters heckled Rev. Al Sharpton’s press conference during his Thursday visit to Del Rio, Texas, where he called for an investigation into horseback Border Patrol’s alleged abuse on Haitian migrants…

“We don’t want your racist nonsense in Del Rio!”

“You’re a disgrace, Sharpton!” another protester yelled.

Ouch, that had to hurt! People heckled the aging activist, Al Sharpton when he went down to Del Rio to demand an investigation. Like other Democrat con artists, Sharpton was using fake news to get attention. But the locals didn’t appreciate his “advocating of violence.”

Some slammed Sharpton for apparently “invoking violence” over the situation. Others called him racist and a disgrace. More defended their city, saying Del Rio was not a racist town. Most of them had a similar sentiment for Al, “get out.”

Isn’t it hilarious how a Northerner thinks he knows Texas better than the locals? I find it simply gut-busting to see Democrats, who had previously ignored the border crisis, suddenly get upset about it.

But they are not upset that thousands of invaders are trying to enter the country. But that Border Patrol used horses to stop these criminals from entering. Hey idiots! You’re on the wrong side of the fight.

What’s really funny is to see Democrats get blasted by people they thought agreed with them. There might be Democrats living in Southern Texas, but they do not want people jumping the border. They face serious danger, thanks to Biden’s failed policies.

And they are not afraid to let him, Sharpton, and everyone else know it.

Source: Daily CallerTwitter

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