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After Federal Court Forces Trump’s Border Plan On Biden – The President’s Aides Admit They’re Privately “Relieved”

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It was one of Joe Biden’s first actions as President: he started to dismantle his predecessor’s policies regarding the southern border. This included one of Trump’s most controversial rules.

It was the “Migrant Protection Protocols” – better known as “Remain in Mexico” – and statistics indicated it was quite successful. But Biden bowed to liberal pressure and scrapped it.

Now, though, federal courts are forcing Biden to bring it back — and his aides are actually thankful.

After Biden repealed Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, the border situation quickly began to worsen. Since then, border officials have reported skyrocketing numbers of encounters and arrests.

This is also due to Biden stopping construction on the border wall, another highly controversial decision.

As for Remain in Mexico, it simply stated that those seeking asylum in the U.S. must stay in Mexico while they await a hearing. Biden erased this, so all these people got dumped in America.

But just recently, federal courts ruled this unconstitutional.

And rather than being upset, Biden’s aides are quietly “relieved,” according to a New York Times report (via The Daily Wire):

Biden officials were reportedly ‘relieved’ that federal courts forced the administration to revive former President Donald Trump’s ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’ — better known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy — amid a record number of illegal immigrant encounters and a continuing border crisis.

In July alone, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) nabbed approximately 200,000 migrants. That’s the most they’ve ever seen since they started counting back in 2001.

Clearly, the situation was spiraling out of control.

Border authorities have been begging the federal government for help, but they’ve reportedly received very little in response. Instead, other states have chipped in with manpower and resources.

The current administration didn’t seem to have any answers and worse, they didn’t appear to even acknowledge the crisis.

But after the courts forced Biden to bring back Trump’s policy, it turns out that many members of Biden’s staff were happy about it:

In fact, some Biden officials were already talking about reviving Mr. Trump’s policy in a limited way to deter migration, said the officials, who have worked on immigration policy but were not authorized to speak publicly about the administration’s internal debates on the issue.

After the Supreme Court ruling came down, Biden’s team had “an opportunity to step back” reevaluate.

Many citizens and Republican leaders say there isn’t much to evaluate, though: the border has reached a breaking point, and former President Trump’s policies did appear to be working.

Right now, the Biden administration is evidently looking at a “Remain in Mexico lite” policy (this according to Politico).

That’s certainly better than nothing, but it might not be enough for infuriated Americans who have watched the southern border disintegrate in recent months.

On top of that, GOP leaders around the country say it’s already Biden’s biggest failure, and numerous states have leveled multiple lawsuits against the administration.

There’s no doubt that the border crisis will continue to haunt the current administration. It will be even more damaging if it turns out that Trump’s policies really were effective in comparison.

When the midterm elections roll around in 2022, this will be one of several issues Democrats will have to face — and the results might not be in their favor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s aides are privately “relieved” that Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is coming back.
  • Reports say Biden’s team have been scrambling, trying to come up with a way to stem the migrant tide.
  • They may now consider a “lite” version of Trump’s rule, but that might not be enough for angry citizens and Republicans.

Source: The Daily Wire

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