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Days After Democrats Are Defeated By Texas – The Senate Overplays Its Hand, Rushes To Eliminate The Filibuster

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Democrats are panicking ever since the Supreme Court refused to block a major pro-life law in Texas. “Pro-choice” liberals in D.C. fear that more states will pass similar laws.

If they don’t act fast, millions of children will be born! What a nightmare!

So, leftists in D.C. want to “codify” Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. They certainly don’t have the votes to make it done, though.

Now, these “Democrats” want to eliminate democracy by once again calling for the end of a critical democratic protection.

From The Washington Times:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Sunday the Senate should abolish the 60-vote filibuster threshold to help clear the way for Roe v. Wade to be codified into law. The Minnesota Democrat voiced her support for “packing” the Supreme Court and for Justice Stephen G. Breyer to retire “sooner rather than later.”

Resident lunatic Amy Klobuchar once again banged the “kill the filibuster” drum, after the Supreme Court gave a ruling she didn’t like.

Democrats these days demand we destroy our democracy and laws, just so they can get their way.

They don’t even care that their policies are disapproved of by millions of Americans across the country.

Not only did Klobuchar want to get rid of the filibuster, but she went back to the insane notion of packing the Supreme Court with more liberal justices.

I guess she doesn’t really like anything our Founding Fathers created? Including a court that exists to check the madness of lawmakers like her.

And voters are watching all of this and seeing how ruthless Democrats are willing to be to destroy our institutions to get what they want.

What’s shocking is the fact that the Supreme Court ruling wasn’t even the final say on the Texas law.

They simply refused to block the law while other cases are being decided in the lower courts.

That is a pretty reasonable decision, one that respects the states’ rights to pass legislation.

But that’s not good enough for Democrats. The law might be overturned eventually. But they hate the fact that until then, unborn children are safer in the Lone Star State.

Democrats are so obsessed with protecting abortion in America, that they’d destroy both our Senate and our Supreme Court.

This is how crazy Klobuchar is acting: if they do get rid of the filibuster, it would mean they would have no way of stopping Republicans when they win back the majority.

Should Republicans win 51 seats in the Senate in 2022, a minority Democratic Party would be powerless without the filibuster.

That’s happened before, under other circumstances.

Doesn’t Klobuchar realize that? Nope, because she’s only thinking about pushing her agenda at all costs.

And it may end up costing the Democrat agenda when voters show up at the polls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar is once again calling to end the filibuster.
  • She is demanding it after the Supreme Court ruled it protect a Texas pro-life law.
  • The senator wants to destroy not only the Senate but also the Supreme Court.

Source: Washington Times

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