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Kayleigh McEnany Takes Joe Biden To Task – On Live TV She Just Called The President Callous, Cruel, Uncaring And Uncompassionate

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Thanks to Joe Biden, our military is officially out of Afghanistan.

If you were to believe the White House, this is a great victory for our country. But we know better.

Biden gave the once-democratic country back over to the Taliban. He also gave the group billions worth of weapons.

On top of that, the U.S. military left behind hundreds (perhaps more) of American civilians. There is no way they can leave now—left to the mercy of a killer regime.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany had just the right thing to say about old Joe.

From YouTube:

Kayleigh McEnany blasted Joe Biden over his handling of Afghanistan—and his treatment of families whose children just died.

Several parents of servicemen met with Biden after their sons died at the hands of the radicals in Kabul.

They had very little good to say of the “president,” who was too busy checking his watch to show them a shred of humanity.

McEnany roasted Joe, calling him callous, cruel, uncaring, and uncompassionate.

The former White House press secretary also pointed to Biden’s reaction to the fallout of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul.

When pressed about the people falling from planes, desperate to escape, Biden dismissed it as if it was not important.

What kind of president can simply dismiss the tragic loss of life—especially when it was his fault?

Many have questioned Biden’s mental ability, especially after his disastrous decisions in Afghanistan.

But McEnany is not giving this man any cop-outs. His decisions were cold, uncaring, and void of any decency or compassion.

It appears Biden only cared about getting praise from the media for pulling our troops. He ignored the advice of top military officials, choosing the absolute worst time to withdraw.

And he evacuated our military, knowing hundreds of Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.

The administration claims the State Department will help those left to leave. But how are they supposed to do that—when there is nobody on the ground to aid them?

It seems the last thing Biden cares about is keeping his promise to save all the American citizens—but he kept his promises to the Taliban.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kayleigh McEnany criticized Biden for his handling of Afghanistan.
  • He called him callous, cruel, and not caring—especially at how he treated the family of fallen soldiers.
  • Biden allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan and left Americans behind.

Source: YouTube

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