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Kevin McCarthy Throws The Supreme Court At Pelosi – He Just Requested The Court To End Speaker’s Proxy Voting

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Democrats have tried to rewrite the rules of our country. And they think they can get away with it, by blaming the ongoing 2020 crisis.

We’ve seen that with lockdowns, mandates, passports, and mail-in ballots. But in Congress, Old Nance came up with another scheme, proxy voting.

The idea is congressmen can vote on important issues, without actually being in the House chambers. You might be asking, “But how can someone do their job—including debate and compromise—if they aren’t even there?”

Good question. And it’s one House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been asking Pelosi, but getting no answer.

Now, the Republican is moving to shut down Nance once and for all. From Newsmax:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is asking the Supreme Court to rule the chamber’s proxy voting unconstitutional…

“The founders wisely rejected proxy voting because they knew Congress cannot adequately ‘do the business’ of our chambers without deliberating, and we cannot adequately deliberate without assembling in person,” McCarthy wrote.

Kevin McCarthy is petitioning the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of “proxy voting.” He argues that the Founding Fathers rejected proxy voting because it prevents leaders from doing the hard work of legislating.

Lawmaking is much more than righting a long bill and voting on it. Each House member represents a portion of the country. And as elected leaders, they have the right to speak on the issues facing the country. They need to be able to defend or refute legislation if they believe it’s wrong for the country.

But how can you do that when you’re not even in the building?

Zoom calls and Facetime don’t cut it. Lawmakers need to be in the same room, debating, arguing, compromising, and working together. It was understood by our Founder Fathers it needed to be that way.

That’s why, in the Constitution, it requires House members to be present to do business.

Pelosi might have had a strong argument for proxy voting last year, but let’s get real. There is nothing stopping lawmakers from flying to D.C., assembling in the House, and doing their jobs. If they fear infection, they can take the appropriate measures (as we’ve all had) and get back to work.

But the fate of this rule lies in the hands of the Supreme Court. We’ll see what they decide.

Do you think Congress should be meeting and voting in person, like most other AMericans?

Key Takeaways:

  • Kevin McCarthy is requesting the Supreme Court to rule on proxy voting.
  • He argues the Constitution requires congressmen to be present to vote.
  • Pelosi implemented this controversial rule last year and has extended it.

Source: NewsmaxTwitter

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