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Mike Pence Takes Down Biden For Unconstitutional Action – He Just Demanded Freedom Over The President’s Tyranny

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If anyone was looking for grounds for impeachment, here it is. Joe Biden, who claimed he’s grown “impatient” with Americans, just overstepped his bounds.

He announced last night that he will be demanding private companies to require their employees to get vaccinated. The threat implied, of course, is that you either get the jab or lose your job.

So, I guess we’re done with freedom and liberty, huh?

Joe Biden has been scrambling to save face after failing to meet his own deadline on July 4th. He has tried to blame it all on unvaccinated Americans, even though he undermined his own efforts.

Plenty of leaders have already come out condemning Biden’s unconstitutional move. And even former VP Mike Pence is blasting Comrade Joe. From The Hill:

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday slammed President Biden’s recently announced coronavirus vaccine mandates… saying Biden’s announcement was “unlike anything I have ever heard from an American president.”

“To have the president of the United States say that he’s been patient, but his patience is wearing thin, that’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leaders,” Pence… told “Fox & Friends” in his first national television interview in nearly a year.

Mike Pence blasted not only Biden’s mandate but also the way he was treating the American people. Joe scolded American citizens like naughty children for choosing not to get vaccinated. He said, “our patience is wearing thin.”

Oh, really!?

I’m sorry Joe, but I didn’t know our personal choice affected you in any way. The last time we checked, this was the United States of America. Where does it say in the Constitution that the president can order people to get jabbed, or face losing their jobs?

Pence criticized Biden’s failure to show real leadership. He called out Biden for trampling Americans’ freedoms, instead of leading by example. But we all know the truth, Biden is no leader. And his own early decisions sabotaged his ability to meet his goals.

Last year, when President Trump was moving heaven and earth to secure a vaccine under a year, what was Biden doing? That’s right, he was going on the news questioning whether Trump could produce one that was safe and effective. But now, not only does he claim it’s good, but he is basically mandating people to take it?

Maybe if Biden was supportive of Trump last year—instead of peddling politics—people would be trusting him today? But the fact he is demanding people get jabbed—through fear and coercion—shows he has zero leadership ability.

Pence and his wife “led by example” by getting their shots on national television. He assured Americans the it was safe and effective and simply encouraged them to get it if they chose.

Biden seems unable to do that, probably because he doesn’t respect Americans enough to make the right decision for themselves.

Expect a flood of lawsuits over this mandate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden announced an unconstitutional mandate, forcing companies with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees.
  • Biden missed his July deadline and is now taking drastic action and blaming Americans.
  • Mike Pence blasted Biden’s speech, saying it was “unlike anything” he ever heard from a president.

Source: The Hill

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