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Supreme Court Justice Floors His Own Democrat Party – Liberal Breyer Just Stomped Out Court Packing

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Ever since Donald Trump shifted the balance of power on the Supreme Court, Democrats have freaked out. With a 6-3 conservative majority, Democrats know they can no longer abuse the courts to push their radical agenda. Worse than that, this court might undo decades of toxic, liberal decisions, including Roe v. Wade.

So, their only recourse has been threatening to pack the court with radicals.

Joe Biden has previously suggested he’d support packing the SCOTUS. Along with him, many Democrats in Congress have talked about adding as many liberal justices as they can, to give them an uncontestable majority. Clearly, this is a pathetic power grab.

And even one celebrated liberal justice is calling them out on it.

From IJR:

While some progressives are pushing to expand the Supreme Court, Justice Stephen Breyer is warning them it could backfire.

During an interview with NPR published Friday, Breyer warned, “What goes around comes around. And if the Democrats can do it, the Republicans can do it.”

Justice Stephen Breyer is throwing water on the left’s scheme to pack the Supreme Court. He warned that if Democrats can do that today, Republicans can do it tomorrow. He is pointing to the common pattern that Democrats have fallen into, of changing the rules, only to see Republicans take advantage of it later.

That happened when Democrats eliminated the filibuster to approve court nominees. They did that back when Obama was president, to quickly get his activist judges on the federal benches. Republicans warned them that, one day, they’d get back the majority. And they did, under Donald Trump.

That led to Trump setting a new record of court appointments in his first term.

Democrats never seem to learn. Breyer is telling them that if they pull that stunt now, Republicans will do the same the next time they are in power. That is also very likely the case with impeachment.

Democrats impeached Trump twice, without cause or evidence. Should Republicans retake the majority in 2022, they are sure to draw up articles against Biden over a number of decisions.

Justice Breyer had previously ticked off his party by revealing he was not interested in retiring. Democrats have been pressuring the aging justice to retire while Biden is president, so they could at least keep one liberal seat. But it seems Breyer has a few more left in him, outraging power-hungry Democrats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Supreme Court Justice Breyer rejected calls for Democrats to pack the court.
  • He warned that if they do that today, Republicans can do it later.
  • Breyer has also ignored calls by the left to retire while Biden is in office.

Source: IJR

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