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After Book Makes “Pathetic” Melania Claim – Whip Scalise Sets The Record Straight On The Former First Lady

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In a pathetic pattern we’ve seen again and again, a former Trump staffer is trying to cash in. Melania Trump’s former press secretary has come out with a book full of attacks against 45 and his wife. Of course, the rabid left is eating it up.

Like many other claims from former staffers, what is in the book cannot be proven. Except, for one major attack. Grisham wrote that First Lady Melania refused to see a Republican rep’s family while he was recovering in the hospital.

The man himself set the record straight. From Fox News:

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., hit back after former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that Melania Trump refused to visit him at the White House, not long after he’d been shot at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game in 2017…

Scalise condemned the claim in no uncertain terms.

“This is how the fake news media machine against President Trump and [Melania] works. This never happened,” the congressman claimed. “My family went to visit the White House while I was still in the hospital and were graciously given a tour by President and Mrs. Trump.”

Stephanie Grisham is desperately trying to cash in on her experience in the Trump White House by writing a slanderous book against the presidential family. It seems she is taking the quick and easy low road, just to make a buck (and perhaps win the approval of the left).

She claims that Melania Trump refused to greet Steve Scalise’s family after he was shot during a baseball game practice in 2017. Grisham even claimed Melania said, “No, I already said hello.” But the Republican congressman fired back himself with the facts.

Scalise even posted pictures of the event, blasting the story as a “pathetic attempt” by a “disgraced former staffer.” He lumped it in with the rest of the “fake news media” machine that is still running against Donald Trump and his family.

Anyone that knows anything about Melania would smell a rat over Grisham’s claim. Melania was known for her graciousness, friendliness, and generosity. Despite ugly attacks by the media, she was beloved for her warmth as our first lady.

The story pushed in Grisham’s book is not only false but totally unbelievable. Kudos to Scalise for coming out with the truth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Melania Trump staffer claimed she rejected Scalise’s family when they visited.
  • Scalise refuted the claim directly, stating (with pictures) that she gave them a tour.
  • The Republican slammed the book, calling it fake news.

Source: Fox News

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