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Former Border Chief Accuses President Biden – He Claims That Joe Is “Withholding Info,” The Border Is “Wide Open”

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President Joe Biden currently faces a variety of challenges. Perhaps the biggest issue is the southern border crisis, which many authorities claim has spun out of control in recent months.

One of the most vocal critics of Biden’s border policies is former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who was forced out of his role earlier this year. That won’t stop him from talking, though.

And he’s got a disturbing warning for the country.

In speaking with Fox News host Bret Baier, Scott said that for a while, things were moving in the right direction down south.

He said everything was improving at the border: officials had a “higher confidence level” in apprehending unregistered individuals, and they were doing a better job of nabbing criminals before they got into the U.S.

Scott also said they were actively investing in new technologies that would help, too. In other words, the border wasn’t in dire condition prior to 2021.

Unfortunately, though, all of that has now been wiped away.

After mentioning all the encouraging progress Border Patrol had made in recent years, the former Chief said:

All that has been shut down,” Scott continued. And all effort has been refocused on expediting the processing speed of the massive amounts of illegal aliens that are coming into the country today.

That should matter because if I can’t tell you who crosses through a Nogales, or a McAllen or a San Diego, they are going to end up in your community.

Scott then said that in fact, the biggest threat America faces isn’t the border by itself.

Instead, it’s that the Biden administration appears to be withholding information from the American public. The President has been accused of downplaying and even hiding evidence of the border crisis.

And that’s something that’s even more dangerous than the open border, says Scott.

In regards to the latter topic, when Baier asked if the border was “fairly open,” Scott said frankly: “No, the border is wide open right now.

He added:

I’ve fought for it my whole career. You can be pro- border security, pro-law order, and pro-immigration, it just has to be legal, you can’t have unabated illegal entry into this country, and have any real belief that you have border security.

And if you have no border security, you have no homeland security, no national security.

This is all becoming a seemingly endless problem, and Scott emphasizes the Biden administration’s role.

He said they they’re “hiding information” from citizens so “they can’t make an educated decision because they don’t have the information.”

Biden and many Democrat leaders have been accused of simply ignoring the growing problem at the border. And it doesn’t look like any action is being taken to fix the situation, either.

This is what Scott and others have warned about for months. And right now, it looks like the chaos is threatening to overwhelm the border.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott claims the Biden administration is “hiding information” from America.
  • He also says the border is “wide open right now.”
  • Scott noted that the border situation had been improving for years, and now “all that has been shut down.”

Source: The Daily Wire

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