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Hours After Biden Opens Door To Nuking Filibuster – Senator Joe Manchin Stands Up And Slams It Shut

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How badly can Joe Biden fail? We might soon find out. Many financial experts warn about the government defaulting on its debt. If that were to happen, an economic crisis would explode. Democrats have the votes to raise the debt ceiling but are refusing to use reconciliation to make it happen.

So, Joe says they should kill the filibuster instead.

From IJR:

President Joe Biden says there is a “possibility” that Senate Democrats could make a change to the filibuster rules to let them raise the debt ceiling without going through the budget reconciliation process.

Another pathetic attempt by Democrats to destroy the Senate’s respect for the minority. But he got a rude wake-up call. Why?

Because the legendary Joe Manchin refuses to budge. From The Hill:

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Wednesday that he remains opposed to changing the Senate’s legislative filibuster, dealing a blow to progressive hopes to use a rules change as an escape hatch from a fight over the nation’s borrowing limit.

Now, Joe Biden is admitting defeat. He might be the first president to see America default on its loans.

From IJR:

On Monday, President Joe Biden fired another salvo in an ongoing game of financial chicken between his administration and congressional Republicans, saying he could not guarantee the United States will not reach the debt ceiling.

Joe Biden, because of his inability to score deals and make compromises, could not guarantee the U.S. wouldn’t default on its loans. Refusing to get Democrats in the Senate to simply use a reconciliation bill to raise the debt limit, he demanded they get rid of the filibuster to do it instead.

That looked like a backdoor into getting rid of the filibuster entirely. It seems to be Joe Manchin believes the same. And he is not willing to support the removal of the filibuster just to raise the debt limit. So, it appears that unless Democrats use reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling, America is in big trouble.

The only reason Congress needs to raise the debt limit is because they keep spending without paying back their loans. Taxes aren’t enough, it seems, to pay for everything the government wants. So, they keep raking up debt like a housewife with a credit card addiction.

Republicans refuse to keep feeding Democrats’ addiction to deficit spending. But why won’t Democrats just use reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling? Because they are still trying to strong-arm Republicans. If America defaults on its debt, the economy might collapse in dire ways. Many Americans could be hurt by it.

But Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care. He’d rather see America fail than do something about it.

The first president responsible for America defaulting on its debt. That’s worse than Jimmy Carter. Worse than the fall of Afghanistan. Worse than everything we’ve seen so far. It will seal Biden’s fate as the worse president in our history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden demanded the Senate kill the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling.
  • Joe Manchin refused to support that measure, effectively ending it.
  • Biden admitted America might default on its debt for the first time.

Source: IJRThe HillIJR

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