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Pelosi’s Democratic Civil War Reaches Its Peak – Capitol Hill Devolves Into Disorder As Nancy Tries To Save The Spending Bill

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What’s Happening:

Democrats want to be in charge of the government. And this is the best they can do? Joe Biden wants to push radical spending that will send us into an economic Dark Age. Pelosi is burdened with the task of getting two large bills passed in the House.

But the roadblocks are becoming too big for her to overcome.

Moderates are becoming increasingly reluctant to pass Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill. Perhaps because even the former CBO director says it’s a mess.

From Fox Business:

Former CBO Director and American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin provided insight into the Democrats’ $3.5 reconciliation bill…

“There’s no way that the reconciliation bill, as currently written, will pass the House, the Senate, be signed by the president. It’s too big, the scope is enormous. The drafting itself is miserable. I mean, it’s a mess.”

The White House can’t win over people like Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. So, they are looking to an unlikeable ally: Benghazi Susan.

From Breitbart:

The White House deployed Susan Rice to Capitol Hill late Thursday evening to help push President Joe Biden’s agenda through Congress…

Rice joined Counselor to the President Steve Ricchetti, White House Legislative Affairs Director Louisa Terrell, and National Economic Council Director Brian Deese for meetings with Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) as Biden tries to push $5 trillion in proposed domestic spending through Congress.

Right, because when you need someone with credibility, you look to the woman who covered up Benghazi to the Sunday shows.

Despite all this, Biden’s plans might crash and burn as the party’s civil war breaks out into the public.

From The Hill:

Democrats engaged in a verbal war on Thursday, with progressives and centrists accusing one another of essentially sabotaging President Biden’s agenda and putting the party’s majorities in jeopardy.

The Democratic Party is splitting apart as progressives and moderates war over the passing of Biden’s massive spending bills. Progressives refuse to pass the bipartisan bill without the socialist bill. But moderates are unwilling to support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion.

Pelosi can’t seem to wrangle both sides to reach a compromise. Biden has failed to win over Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, moderates who are against the bloated price tag. He has tried to enlist the aid of Susan Rice, but it’s uncertain if she can do anything.

This war has been long brewing. Moderates in both the House and Senate have become increasingly hostile to progressives like AOC. Longtime congressmen look down on these “newbies,” who act more like activists than lawmakers.

And these progressives, spurred on by the “woke” social media, refuse to compromise their socialist agenda.

Meanwhile, moderates are poised to lose their seats in 2022, as swing voters reject the left’s increasingly radical agenda.

Even experts are saying it is unlikely that both of Biden’s spending bills will pass in their present form. Especially his reconciliation bill, with its staggering $3.5 trillion cost. But will Democrats be able to find common ground and get this deal done?

Considering they lack even one dealmaker as effective someone like, Donald Trump, it’s hard to say.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats splinter apart over Biden’s massive spending bills.
  • Progressives and moderates are warring over these costly bills.
  • Pelosi and other party leaders seem unable to unite the party.

Source: Fox BusinessBreitbartThe Hill

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