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Senate Parliamentarian Hands Dems Their 2nd Loss – She Just Shut Down Plan B Of Their Immigration Plan

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When we look at Biden’s exploding border crisis, we can’t help but assume Democrats want to import these migrants. And Democrats’ plans in D.C. only further confirm those suspicions. Just look at their attempted legislation.

They tried to slip amnesty into their bloated, $3.5 trillion socialist scheme. But the Senate parliamentarian previously shut them down. So, the left tried another attempt to reward freeloaders who broke our laws.

Again, they lost. From The Hill:

Democrats had pitched parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough on legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants by making a change to the date for when undocumented immigrants within the United States can apply to adjust their legal status…

Changing the registry date is a “weighty policy change and our analysis of this issue is thus largely the same” as for Democrats’ previous proposal to provide legal permanent resident status to some immigrants, MacDonough told Democrats in her guidance.

Once again, Democrats are trying to find a way to grant amnesty to immigrants who illegally entered the country. They failed previously when they tried to put that into Biden’s toxic spending bill. So, their “plan B” was to change the date for when these immigrants can apply to gain legal status.

It’s appalling at all that people who broke the law to come here can even apply for legal status. Millions of people have to wait years for Green Cards or Visas—because they want to come here legally. But apparently, Democrats want to fast-track a process that rewards people who violated our laws.

The parliamentarian rejected their scheme, calling it a “non-starter.” Changing something so “weighty” cannot be done through a budget reconciliation bill. Democrats are already bending procedure, by abusing the reconciliation process to force through Biden’s agenda.

But tacking on changes to our immigration laws does not fit into the narrow scope of reconciliation, no matter how much Democrats whine and complain. But, never fear, these lawless cronies are already talking about “plan C.”

You’d think they would spend this much time actually listening to Americans’ concerns and putting them first. Instead, they are bending over backward to find ways to legalize non-citizens. All in a desperate attempt to win more elections.

That’s all you need to know about Democrats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats failed to get another radical change to our immigration laws implemented.
  • The Senate parliamentarian rejected a bid to change the date migrants can apply for legal status.
  • Democrats are already talking about a “plan C.”

Source: The Hill

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