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Supreme Court Sends Waves Through Washington – They Just Took On A High-Profile Christian Case

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The Supreme Court is often the last line of defense for Americans fighting for their rights. We’ve seen, especially over the last two years, Democrat lawmakers increasingly violate our liberties. They’ll use any excuse they can come up with to deny Americans rights protected by the Constitution.

In super-liberal Boston, they tried to deny a Christian group the same rights of others. Outside the City Hall, they have flown all sorts of flags to honor groups holding events. Nearly every sort of flag has been flown. But when a Christian group wanted to fly their flag, the city said, “Hell no.”

So, they’ve taken it to the Supreme Court.

From Politico:

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case over local officials’ refusal to fly a Christian group’s pennant outside Boston City Hall…

However, the City of Boston flag that customarily flies from the third flagpole has been lowered on numerous occasions and replaced with flags of various groups or causes, including gay pride, and foreign countries, including Albania, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, China, Cuba and Turkey. Some of those flags contain religious symbols…

But city officials rejected the Christian group’s flag on the basis it would appear to convey an endorsement of particular religious views.

Why It’s Important:

Isn’t that interesting? In the past, the city has gladly taken down its own flag from the third pole outside City Hall. In its place, they’ve flown the flags of various countries, groups, and causes—including the infamous gay pride flag.

But when a Christian group wanted to fly its flag, they were denied the same right. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the city was discriminating against a group because of its religious beliefs? Why should the gay activist movement be allowed to fly its flag, but not a Christian group? (Seeing as how some people treat their sexuality as a religion unto itself.)

Had the city not allowed any flags on that pole besides its own, they’d have a case. But it seems like they are singling out this one instance, simply over religious grounds. Nobody in their right mind would assume the city was suddenly imposing Christianity over its residents. So, why not fly it to acknowledge an event at the location, the same as they’ve done before?

It’s hard not to assume the city deliberately rejected the flag in violation of free speech and religious rights. And that’s the question the Supreme Court will have to answer. Does the “separation of church and state” (a phrase not found in any founding law) mean Boston can discriminate against Christians?

Key Takeaways:

  • A Christian group is taking a First Amendment case to the Supreme Court.
  • It involves the City of Boston denying a group from flying its flag outside City Hall.
  • The city has flown the flags of foreign countries, groups, and even the gay pride flag.

Source: Politico

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