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After Biden Fails On Gas Prices, Florida Governor Steps In – Instead Of Begging OPEC, DeSantis Slashes Gas Tax

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Americans across America have been suffering under Biden’s economy. The formerly moderate Democrat has implemented far-left policies that have been hurting us in the wallets. Food prices soar right before the holidays. Inflation and supply chain issues will harm Christmas shopping.

And even working Americans can’t fill up their cars, thanks to rising gas prices.

It’s no secret that some states are doing better than others. Gas prices are much higher along the coasts, where Democrat regulations drive up the price. In Republican states, gas is much more affordable. And it’ll be even cheaper in Florida, if the governor gets his way.

From OANN:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed $1 billion in gas tax relief statewide. On Monday, the Republican announced the measure during a press conference in Daytona while asserting the state would look to shave 25 cents per gallon of gas prices.

The proposed move would reportedly save Florida families more than $200 over a five-month period, but would reduce the state revenue by more than a $1 billion. DeSantis asserted the move was vital to combat inflation.

Gov. DeSantis announced a proposal to slash gas prices in Florida by reducing the tax on gas sales by 25 cents a gallon. This move would help the average resident save over $200 over a five-month period. It would result in billion-dollar savings.

The governor said this was to combat inflation and other rising costs, thanks to Joe Biden. This move would effectively eliminate the state-level tax on gasoline. So, DeSantis is taking a big hit on the state government, in order to help regular folks.

Wow. You almost never see government leaders cut money from their budgets. In fact, these days lawmakers in Congress are trying to radically expand their spending. But here we see a leader who appears to be putting his people first. He seems to understand just how hard Americans are suffering, thanks to Joe. And he’s doing what he can to help.

DeSantis vowed to keep prices low for “as long as we can.” This move could mean the difference between a parent getting to work or not. It could be tremendous for many Floridians.

Too bad other governors won’t do the same.

Key Takeaways:

  • Florida governor announced a 25-cent reduction in gas prices.
  • The price reduction would save Florida residents $1 billion.
  • This comes as Biden’s policies drive up gas prices.

Source: OANN

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