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Military Vets Conduct Escape Mission In Afghanistan – And They Just Brought Home 374 Stranded Citizens

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Believe it or not, there are still people stuck in Afghanistan. We’re nearing the end of October, almost two months since Biden declared “victory.” Yet it appears our government has turned its back on Americans and those who helped us.

We hear little from the White House and the liberal media about this. But there are private citizens who are spending their own money—and risking their lives—to bring these folks home. And word just hit that a group of vets just staged another rescue mission. They evacuated 374 people.

From Daily Wire:

A group of veterans working with officials in Qatar evacuated an additional 374 American citizens and foreign nationals from Afghanistan…

“Today in AFG, Plan B ARC saved 374 souls, coordinating safe house, transportation, and a chartered airplane out of the country… It is quite a feat to bring volunteers together and be able to rescue 374 souls out of a country half way around the world and doing it remotely! And our work continues!” Clay told the correspondent.

Afghan Rescue Crew (ARC) staged an operation to evacuate more people out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. They just announced, confirmed by the Pentagon, an additional 374 people left behind by Joe Biden.

The Pentagon claimed that this was “one of the final” flights out of the country. But Rick Clay, the veteran who runs the group, said the “work continues,” suggesting more people are stuck in Afghanistan.

Previously, a military vet working to evacuate citizens said there were “thousands” more left behind. That is a far cry from what Biden’s Pentagon said back in August, claiming on a “few hundred” were still trapped. Biden and his administration even seemed to suggest those who didn’t make it out wanted to stay.

Yeah, we very much doubt that.

Biden’s emergency evacuation mission was chaotic and unorganized from the start. Biden pulled our troops without any thought to the tens of thousands of Americans and allies who would be left behind. He even left billions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment, which the Taliban seized.

It seems that the State Department has done very little to ensure Americans made it out of Afghanistan alive. Even as private efforts were underway, Biden’s administration refused to help.

How many more people need to be rescued?

Source: Daily Wire

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