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Days After Biden Admits To ‘New World Order’ – The President’s Approval Rating Hits Historic Low

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What’s Happening:

For over a year, we’ve covered Joe Biden’s collapsing presidency. One of the things that have baffled us and everyday Americans is how Biden refuses to course correct. None of his plans and policies have worked out.

It seems like he is deliberately trying to cripple America’s recovery and prosperity. And, based on comments he made recently, many believe there is a reason why.

Biden recently spoke about establishing a “new world order” in light of all the crises we are facing. It is possible Biden wants America to fail, to justify imposing a new, socialist regime over us and other parts of the world. He said it after all, not us. But just as soon as he announced his agenda, his approval bottomed out.

From The Hill:

President Biden’s approval rating dropped to 40 percent this week, according to a Reuters-Ipsos poll, an all-time low for the president in that survey.

The survey showed that Biden had a 54 percent disapproval rating amid high inflation and tensions caused by Moscow’s deadly invasion of Ukraine, according to Reuters.

The latest Reuters-Ipsos approval poll, a notoriously liberal-leaning poll, has Biden’s job approval at 40%. That is the lowest this particular poll has given him since he entered office. The same survey revealed Biden has a 54% disapproval rating, showing the man is well underwater.

Even with the poll’s bias, often sampling liberals more than conservatives, they can’t hide the fact that Americans hate Joe Biden. (This poll sampled 432 Democrats and 366 Republicans.)

Among the many reasons Biden is failing are the economy and the war in Ukraine. Despite what Biden is saying, it seems Americans are blaming him for what is going on in Europe. It’s hard to argue with that sentiment, since Biden all but gave Putin a green light to attack back in January. Since then, he’s done seemingly very little to stop the war.

Despite such a terrible approval, Biden does nothing to change his agenda. Inflation is making basic needs like food too expensive. Gas prices continue to hit the high-water mark.

Yet Joe refuses to reverse his radical policies that triggered these problems to being with. That only lends more weight to the suspicion that he doesn’t want to help Americans, but only rich special interest groups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s approval hit a new low in the Reuters-Ipsos poll.
  • Only 40% of those asked approved, with 54% disapproving.
  • Respondents pointed to the ailing economy and the Ukraine war.

Source: The Hill

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