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Biden Just Got a Direct Order from U.K. Officials – If Joe Goes to Queen’s Funeral, The President Will Have to Ride the Bus

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What’s Happening:

The world continues to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The admired monarch will soon be remembered at a funeral, sure to be watched by millions around the world.

World leaders will be on hand to pay their respects. But a strict rule will go into effect, which could prevent old Joe from attending.

From The Western Journal:

As the preparations for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral are in motion, foreign leaders coming from abroad will be required to travel by bus to the funeral at Westminster Abbey in London…

Private cars are not possible for transportation “because of tight security and road restrictions.”

“Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?” the ambassador said in a WhatsApp message on Sunday, Politico reported.

Despite world leaders taking private jets and cars for time out of mind, the British government is demanding those attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral arrive by bus.

They are even asking them to take commercial flights, if possible.

Give me a break. Reports indicate that “road restrictions” and security are the reason for this demand.

Since when have giant buses been better at navigating roads than cars? Can you imagine a less secure method of travel than a bus?

And considering they are also asking people not to fly in jets, this reeks of climate alarmism.

I doubt Queen Elizabeth’s last request was for people to be “green” when they attended her funeral.

But her son, King Charles III is a known climate activist. And it appears he is using this event as a means of virtue signaling to the Greta Thurbergs of the world.

Although, this creates a hilarious problem for old Joe Biden. The man is used to being pampered by his administration and the left.

He jets around on Air Force One, bringing along his disgraced son Hunter.

But if he wants to be at the world leader event of the century, he’ll have to debase himself by riding on a bus.

This is a man whose staffers fear walking around the Oval Office because he might trip on wires.

How is he going to handle a bus? (Not to mention Secret Service’s need to protect him.)

But will the old coot skip out on this funeral?

Key Takeaways:

  • World leaders attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will have to take the bus.
  • Reports claim this is due to security and “road restrictions.”
  • This means, Joe Biden will have to take a bus if he wants to attend.

Source: The Western Journal

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