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Chris Cuomo Stuns Fans, Defends Trump Voters And Slams Dems For Demonizing Them

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Former CNN host Chris Cuomo slammed Democrats and defended Trump voters on social media. He criticized the Dems for demonizing everyone who voted for former President Donald Trump saying that some Trump supporters “are very open to reasonable, regular rhetoric.”

Cuomo first questioned a new story from a CNN reporter about Trump not wanting to leave the White House saying: “Does this matter? Yes – in the pursuit of justice, which is happening aggressively by most accounts. However – do dems win more votes by chasing trump or catering to hopes and fears of those who were disaffected/desperate enough to vote for him?”

The backlash from the left was swift and fierce. They condemned Trump, his voters and questioned Cuomo causing Chris to fire back:

“What are you talking about? It is not a theory…it is a reality I witnessed in countless interviews with voters who saw their vote as a rejection of the norm…who knew their guy was deeply flawed but he was their guy and a rejection of what they also saw as malignant in dc.

“This is not about de- programming the irrational. I know many people who voted for him once, far fewer who voted for him for reelection. But they are not zealots.

“And they are very open to reasonable, regular rhetoric

“You are overstating and it hurts your ability to expand reach.

“Yang says many of his supporters are former trump voters.

“Why didn’t dems get them?

“Maybe because you demonize all who voted for him.

“I think you need to look more OFF twitter/social media.

“This place is not reality.

“It is an exaggeration that caters to fringe and those who profit from it.”

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