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After Reporter Challenges DeSantis on Hurricane Plans – The Florida Governor Stands Up and Puts Her in Her Place

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What’s Happening:

Florida continues its relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The storm wiped out large portions of the state.

Gov. DeSantis and his team of thousands are working to restore power and provide aid. Meanwhile, the left is using this event to play politics.

One reporter tried to slander the governor to his face. But he wasn’t going to take it.

From Fox News:

“Well, where was your industry stationed when the storm hit?” DeSantis replied. “Were you guys in Lee County? No, you were in Tampa.” […]

“But I think part of it was, so much attention was paid to Tampa, a lot of them thought they wouldn’t get the worst of it but they did, and I think it is easy to second-guess them. But they were ready for it the whole time and made that call when [it] was justifiable to do so,” DeSantis said.

As usual, the left is trying to use a tragic event to hurt Republicans. CNN and other outlets are criticizing Lee County and the governor over a late evacuation order.

What they aren’t telling you is that all the predictive models, up until the day the storm landed, showed Tampa as ground zero.

DeSantis pointed that out by saying CNN, along with all other networks, were stationed in Tampa as the storm approached.

That’s because everyone, even the media, thought the storm was headed that way.

Like all hurricanes, Ian’s path was liable to change as it approached. And only a day before the storm landed did Lee County decide it was best to evacuate.

DeSantis emphasized that the county and state were prepared the whole time. But the left never lets facts get in the way of their narrative.

Liberals are especially desperate right now since we are just weeks away from the midterms.

If they can slander DeSantis as “failing” the hurricane response, maybe it will hurt his campaign.

But they will have to ignore the incredible response DeSantis has led since before the storm landed. The thousands of workers who have already restored power to millions.

The money DeSantis and his team has raised and the constant work he has overseen.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNN tried to go after DeSantis over a late evacuation call for Lee County.
  • DeSantis slammed back, proving everyone (including CNN) expected the storm to hit Tampa.
  • DeSantis and his team have provided around-the-clock response over the hurricane.

Source: Fox News

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