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Seconds After Biden’s Swing State Speech – The Camera Catches Joe in Very Concerning Blunder in Pennsylvania

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The President’s cognitive state is under more scrutiny than ever, especially after numerous recent mistakes and gaffes. This includes a website blunder on live TV that quickly made the rounds on social media.

Republican leaders have demanded that Biden take a mental fitness test, and former White House physician Ronny Jackson has said on multiple occasions that POTUS isn’t “fit to serve.”

And another concerning moment was just captured on camera.

Biden was in Pennsylvania campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who’s locked in a tight race with GOP challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The President hasn’t made a lot of appearances this midterm cycle, though he’s voiced his support for many Democrat candidates. For the most part, Biden isn’t in front of cameras very often lately.

And perhaps this latest blunder is the reason why:

This isn’t the first time Biden has appeared confused after finishing a speech.

Many times, it seems clear that he needs help from aides, as he doesn’t always seem confident in his direction. Cameras have captured plenty of instances of apparent confusion in the past year.

Recently, we learned that First Lady Jill Biden might be playing a much larger role than people think, and this includes helping her husband deal with press conferences, and even influencing his decisions.

Biden also hasn’t been in the spotlight much due to declining approval ratings, due mostly to economic issues in the country.

It’s possible that his falling numbers might once again be a result of his questionable cognitive condition. The gaffes and mistakes do seem to be piling up.

Some are more painful, like when he asked if Rep. Jackie Walorski was in the audience, though she’d died in a car accident weeks earlier.

Either way, when a big portion of the country questions their leader’s ability to lead, that spells trouble for the controlling party. And that might be reflected in midterm voting in November.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Joe Biden had an awkward exit after his speech in PA this week.
  • He appeared confused, and not for the first time in front of cameras.
  • Biden’s declining popularity might be due to both economic conditions and his perceived mental instability.

Source: Washington Examiner

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