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Stacey Abrams Spirals Out of Control in Live Debate – She Gets Taken to the Cleaners by GOP Governor Kemp

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What’s Happening:

The midterm elections are just around the corner. And Democrats in hotly contested races can’t afford to ignore their Republican rivals. Some Democrats have refused to debate Republicans, thinking they are “safe.”

But progressive radical Stacy Abrams knows she is losing to Brian Kemp. So, she had to face off with the governor in a debate this week.

Let’s say it did not go well for this far-left liberal.

From Breitbart:

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp crushed Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams on Monday, hitting her for being weak on crime and for wanting lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

What were some of the highlights–or lowlights, to be more accurate? Abrams opened by falsely claiming she accepted the results of the 2018 election. Big fat lie.

It only got worse for Abrams after that.

She went on to deny the fact she is losing to Gov. Kemp, claiming she was not behind.

Um… sorry, sis, but you are.

From Breitbart:

Kemp is leading in the race by about ten to eight points, recent polling shows. Abrams’ support among black voters is only hovering around 80 percent, a deficit that mirrors a national trend for the Democrat Party.

This was pretty painful to watch. It seems Abrams was not even a little bit prepared for this debate. And the entire race could be decided by this fateful night.

The Republican governor was on the offense the entire night. He blasted the Democrat for claiming to support law enforcement. Yet 100 Georgia sheriffs have come out to condemn her.

Kemp also hammered the progressive Democrat for her support of Black Lives Matter extremism, her rallying around the Defund Police movement, and the elimination of cash bail–which has nearly destroyed blue cities nationwide.

He also reminded voters that Abrams was strongly in favor of crippling lockdowns during 2020–which nearly destroyed the economies of other states.

The governor also blasted Abrams over her recently, incomprehensible stance on abortion. Abrams recently denied science by claiming doctors create the sound of a fetal heartbeat.

She then claimed that medical science does not know when a woman’s pregnancy begins.

Kemp made hay out of Abram’s nonsensical ideas and stance. It was really quite brutal, overall. We walked away from this debate wondering how Democrats could even nominate a woman as out-of-her-depth as Abrams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republican Gov. Kemp defeated Democrat rival Stacy Abrams in a recent debate.
  • Kemp exposed Abrams’ radical stances on abortion, policing, and the pandemic.
  • Abrams struggled to defend her views, including her lies about the 2018 Election.

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