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Chuck Schumer SMACKED with Reality Bomb After BIG Announcement

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Chuck Schumer is an old senile Commie who should be in a nursing home but he’s not.

No, Schumer is instead going full steam ahead on the Communist agenda of destroying America as we know it.

He has no meaningful agenda and has served solely as an obstructionist to anything and everything that is good for Americans.

His latest stunt proves that point.

Illegal Aliens


So, we can see where Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) will concentrate his efforts in the upcoming term.

Immediately after finding out that the Dems would hold the Senate, Schumer started to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants again.

That was not exactly a surprise, but his reasoning behind it was.

It also gave the right the opening they needed to blast him.

The Great Replacement Theory

There are a lot of conservatives that believe the replacement theory is alive and well in the Democrat Party.

Whether Schumer knows it or not, he has just confirmed that.

Schumer has adopted an AOC narrative that because this country’s birth rate is down, we need to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants so we have enough workers in our workforce.

I wish I were kidding, but you can hear it right from Chuckie’s mouth…

But here’s the thing…

Democrats are promoting the abortion of native-born children while looking to replace them with illegal immigrants, which is the very essence of the replacement theory.

Conservatives bombed Schumer as soon as those words came out of his mouth…

Reporter Ryan James Girdusky was among the first to point this out, stating, “Is Schumer saying we’re going to replace Americans with immigrants… because the media said that’s not happening.”

There were numerous other tweets pushing the same narrative…

Like I said… whether he wants to admit it or not, Schumer confirmed that the big conspiracy theory is not really a conspiracy theory.
This is some serious crap and we have to depend on the Republicans to STOP THIS INSANITY!

Personally I don’t have much faith in these RINO’s so let’s hope that our best take charge and take care of business.
Freaking Democrats destroying our country any way they can.
Thank God we have the House at least.
We have to take our country back from these leftist piles of TRASH.

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God Bless.
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