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Hours After Biden Loses the House – Joe Goes Begging to Nancy Pelosi to Give Up Ambassadorship, Stay On

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What’s Happening:

It was a foregone conclusion, to some, that Republicans would flip the House of Representatives. Some conservatives are whining that they didn’t flip more seats, but the fact remains Democrats will no longer control the chamber of Congress.

This means Nancy Pelosi has lost the gavel. Probably for good. Rumors swirled that she was soon going to leave Congress for a comfy ambassador job in Italy. But it doesn’t seem like Biden is willing to reward the out-going Speaker, after failing to keep the House.

Now, he’s demanding the old woman stick around.

From Fox News:

President Biden urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stay in office even as Republicans appear poised to take her position as speaker Tuesday.

Biden called Pelosi after midterm election results started coming in to request that she stay on for his final two years in office. Pelosi has rebuffed questions about her political future, but the 82-year-old is rumored to be considering retirement.

“I hope you stick,” Biden is said to have told her in a phone call. “I know it’s family first, but I hope you stick.”

Ouch. Whatever happened to giving Pelosi that nice job along the Italian coast? I guess sweet gigs like that are only for those who can actually help the party. But Pelosi has been dragging down Democrats are badly as Biden’s been, for years.

She lost her gavel and it looks like Biden wants more from her. Even though he’s 82 years old Biden for some reason wants her to stick around.

It’s hard to believe he wants Pelosi around “for the good of the country.” Pelosi’s been tanking the United States ever since she returned as Speaker in 2019. The last thing she’s done has helped Americans. You’d think Biden would be better off if she was put on the shelf.

We can’t decide if this is him begging her or a kind of punishment. If Pelosi ends up the House Minority Leader, she’ll have all the power of a dead skunk. She won’t be able to manhandle the House, as she’s done for that four years.

Republicans will be calling the shots. Pelosi will just have to sit around and watch. Is Pelosi willing to do that? It’s hard to say. The woman’s ego is as bad as Hillary Clinton’s. She might have planned on ducking out after the midterms to save face.

And Biden is holding her feet to the fire, keeping back another job or perks unless she sticks around. Hey, if he has to suffer for the next two years (as a lame duck) so should she.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden is pressuring Pelosi to stay in Congress, despite losing the House.
  • Biden called up Pelosi the day after the elections, telling her to stay.
  • Rumors previously suggested Pelosi would retire, perhaps take an ambassador’s job.

Source: Fox News

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