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New York City’s Sick Landfill Deal Exposed – Imminent Rail Strike Could Bury the Big Apple in Its Own Filth

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What’s Happening:

This week, we learned that Joe Biden’s brilliant negotiators were unable to get all twelve of the rail workers’ unions to agree to a deal. As early as December 6 all of the could go on strike, shutting down America’s rail lines.

That is going to hurt everyone, as we depend on trains for shipping goods across the country. But the Biden crisis (one of many) will hurt a blue city much more than anyone else. As it turns out, they were shipping more than products to the South.

And they are about to get buried.

From Daily Wire:

Start spreading the poop: New Yorkers may get stuck with 2.4 million pounds per day of their own excrement if a national rail strike occurs.

Normally, the trains that transport human waste from New York City wind up in landfills across the South, but the tentative deal that the Biden administration brokered between the rail workers and railroad companies came asunder on Monday…

The excrement is transported in freight containers filled with “biosolids,” a dehydrated, treated version of the substance. In the past, New York City actually sent the excrement into the ocean, but in the past thirty years, they have sent it to landfills.

Yes, you read that right. For 30 years, New York has been literally sh*tting on Southern states. The blue city used to dump its feces into the ocean. Um… not very environmentally green of them, right? So, they started putting their crap on trains and shipping it to landfills in the South.

As if Southern, conservative states weren’t already sick of putting up with the other crap New York sends them–did they really need New York’s literal poop?

But thanks to Biden, the rail lines could be shut down in a matter of days. Where is New York going to send it’s feces now? Without the trains running, the city could be buried in feces in a matter of hours.

New York is able to offload its poop in Southern states because, guess what, they don’t have as strict environmental rules as the blue state. What would New York do if conservative red states suddenly adopted the same rules as them?

What if all 50 states were as blue as New York? They wouldn’t have anywhere to dump their feces. I guess environmentalism really is an entitlement, huh? The rest of us literally have to put up with the left’s crap.

Well, at least for a little bit, they’ll have to deal with it themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s rail strike could bury New York in millions of pounds of feces.
  • New York ships its waste via rail to Southern states, which have less strict rules.
  • The strike would shut down all rail lines, including the ones that ship NY’s feces.

Source: Daily Wire

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